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требуются C++ / RT Embedded программисты в Иерусалиме

Real Time Embedded Software Engineer in Jerusalem

We are looking for developers with at least 5 years of  hands-on experience in:
- Linux development (user and/or kernel modes).
- working with open Source projects
- Embedded programming.
- Board bring up.
- Highly experienced in C programming and also OOD programming.
- Scripting languages Bash and Python.
- Real Time programming.
- Working with ARM emulator.
- Working with GIT and SVN.
The candidate should have:
·        High technical understanding and learning skills – programming, integration and debugging abilities.
·        Ability to understand, debug and improve 3rd party complex code especially open source.
·        Experience with testing methodologies, some tasks will include developing complex fully automated testing environment.
Strong verbal and written English required.
Please, send your CV in the Word format to if this position could be relevant for you.
Anna Youdolovich

Looking for Senior C++ Software Engineer in Jerusalem.

The individual should possess most if not all of the following skills/qualifications:
- 7+ years of hands-on software development experience with C++ design and
development skills with thorough understanding of STL, design patterns,
multi-threading and software development paradigms in Linux and Windows environment
- OOD/OOP oriented
- C++ 11 or very strong embedded experience  is mandatory
Please, send your CV to
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